. . . Is it possible for the human mind to understand the Workings of Nature?. . .

Both Relativity and Quantum Mechanics postulate that intuition and common-sense cannot comprehend Natural Laws, but there exists a higher level of understanding through mathematical formalisms.
Let Aethro-Kinematics illustrate here with an example why this modern approach has nothing to do with Understanding:

An experimental physicist and a mathematician camp on the beach for a few years. The physicist sets up a graph where the X axis represents the time and the Y axis represents the height of the water-line on the shore. He plots his experimental data on the graph every hour of the day and for every day of the years. Connecting the points on his graph, he creates a 'experimental curve' which then represents the variation of the water-level over time. The mathematician looks over the shoulder of the physicist and a couple of years later declares that there is an interesting repetition in the data. The curve goes up and down twice a day which could be expressed by a simple mathematical formula. However, the curve does not exactly repeat itself daily. There is a slight difference between the maxima and minima, whose difference seems to increase and decrease not exactly monthly but rather in every 28 days period. No problem! A small adjustment on the formula can take care of that. However, the longer-term-curve could still not be reproduced exactly by the new formula because of some 'discrepancies' which show up in every six month period. Nonetheless, it is merely a question of a little mathematical ingenuity to invent the necessary factor or function or some other sophisticated formalism which most closely approximates the experimental curve, so minute discrepancies disappear into the limitations of the existing measuring devices.
Our scientists are satisfied. Knowing nothing about Earth, Moon, Sun, Rotation, Gravitation and Nature, somehow this modern mathematical physics is miraculously capable of predicting the height of the water-line on the shore for every minute of the day, for every day of every month and every month of every year for a very, very long time.... -- Do they now comprehend the Nature of the Ocean Tides ? . . . This is the method used by modern physics, where mathematicians become the high priests of the Religion of Predictivity - the 'science' of foretelling everything and understanding nothing . . .

Aethro-Kinematics is simply an attempt to resurrect intuition, logic and common sense in the pursuit of UNDERSTANDING NATURE.

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