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It was known to Greek philosophers that by rubbing a piece of amber it could attract bits of straw from a distance. For hundreds of years Electricity and Magnetism developed as separate sciences.
In the nineteenth century, Oersted demonstrated that these phenomena were interrelated. For example, around an electric current-carrying wire a circular magnetic field develops, which turns all nearby compass needles into the same direction. -- The compass needles reverse direction when the flow of the electric current is reversed. Maxwell applied the fluid-dynamical characteristics of the Aether to the complex relationship between Magnetism and Electricity. He succeeded in discovering the basic laws of 'Electromagnetism' and developed their final mathematical form by which we know them today. -- Unfortunately, at the turn of the century Maxwell's ingenious fluid-dynamical foundation of electromagnetism was discarded by Relativity with its abolishment of the Aether.
Aethro-Kinematics reinstates the gaseous model of the all-pervading Aether and further develops Faraday's and Maxwell's Aether theories, suggesting a new kinematic theory for the relationship between Electricity and Magnetism. One of the new fluid-dynamical examples is the 'water-battery'.

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